Even Einstein had to work hard!

Written by: Rebecca Zhong

What is more important than intelligence? It’s easy to think that some people were born as gifted intellectuals which, without having to put in any effort, are able to miraculously succeed. The reality is that we are all equally as unintelligent if we do not put in the effort to challenge and better ourselves. Even Einstein had to work hard.

Although some people do have higher IQs than others and may have certain knacks that make them more academically gifted, it doesn’t mean that those who don’t are doomed. At the end of the day, natural intelligence can only take someone so far. It’s up to the individual themselves to get the most out of their own capabilities. For example, although someone may be able to burn fat easily due to their inherited metabolic rate, they will never get a six-pack if they do not eat a healthy diet and strengthen their abdominal muscles. Instead, it would be someone who takes the proper steps to strengthen their abdominals, despite not being genetically predispositioned, who would end up with washboard abs.

A comprehensive study, consisting of 6 separate experiments, conducted by Angela Duckworth concluded that it was individuals with the most, “grit," which she defines as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals,” that were more likely to achieve their goals. Whether their goals were to attain a higher GPA or level of education, succeed in a spelling bee, or retain their placement in a hyper competitive cadet school, it was always those with a growth mindset, or with grit, who were able to succeed, despite having lower IQs or SATS scores than their peers. As stated by Angela Duckworth, “these findings suggest that the achievement of difficult goals entails not only talent but also the sustained and focused application of talent over time.”

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