The Events Committee organizes events, campaigns and fundraisers to increase awareness and decrease the stigma associated with the different aspects of mental health. We hope that through our programming, we can help make McMaster a space where all students feel comfortable discussing these topics. Students can find our events on campus and online throughout the school year whether it be our wellness activities, info-sessions, or fundraisers. One event we are proud to present annually in collaboration with the Mood Disorders Society of Canada is our Elephant in the Room Campaign. This anti-stigma campaign brings a week of events to spark discussion on a chosen mental-health related theme. This has included safeTALK workshops, round-table discussions, and guided meditations. Some of our other events include our Mental Health in Motion event that offers a multitude of active ways to address self-care and our unique and interactive discussions typically run by professional speakers to educate us about a variety of mental health-related topics.


We understand that McMaster’s decision to switch to online learning for the fall 2020 semester comes with many difficulties for both new-coming and returning students. The Events Committee will also be making the transition online to ensure that our programming is accessible for all students at McMaster. As a result, we recognize that these changes can feel stressful, daunting, and difficult. We hope to use our events to help our community cope with these pressures while providing useful techniques for the future.

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